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IFCA Structure 

The IFCA believes the structure for the leadership and local churches helps to bring the picture of the church in Acts to life.

The Executive Board

The highest board in the denomination is the Executive Board, consisting of, normally, 13 elective offices.

Comprised of the elected General Overseer as the Chairman of the board. The Elected Assistant General Overseer as the Vice President and serves as the Chairman of FOCUS (Faith, Order, Credentials, Unity, and Standards).

 The remaining members of the Executive Board are the elected District Overseers, representing his perspective District and Presbyters who are Directors of the following departments: 

  1. FOREIGN MISSIONS: which supervises all ministry in foreign countries

  2. HOME MISSIONS: which covers all US evangelistic and mass medial       outreaches

  3. LAY MINISTRIES: which include Men’s fellowship, ladies ministries and youth. 

  4. PUBLIC RELATIONS: regularly produce literature in addition to the the IFCA Vista magazine, and the 

  5. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: which includes Sunday School Material, IFCA Discipleship Institute, and IFCA Bible College and Seminary


District Government 

Districts are directed by a Board known as the District Presbytery suited to the needs and created by the ministers of the respective Districts. Generally, one or two elected Overseers function throughout each District. Conventions are usually held semiannually or annually.

Local Government

Local church properties are held in custody by Trustees or Deacons (who also serve as Trustees) elected in number and method by the congregation according to State requirements. The extent of a Trustee’s authority in governing church matters is dictated by the constitution and by-laws drawn up by the local congregation. This same document defines the relationship of the Trustees to their Pastor, generally upholding the dignity and authority of the Pastor and rarely allowing any infringement by Trustees in the spiritual program of the church. Deacons, and sometimes Elders, assist the Pastor in serving the congregations.

Image by Pedro Lima
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