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Resources For You

We believe in equipping the churches, ministries and ministers of the Gospel. Here you will find resources to help you and your ministry.

Resources for Churches

Image by Tom Hermans

Are you in need of a new study for your church? You can also find ways to grow and lead you church following the pattern in the Bible.

Resources for Youth Ministry


We have so many amazing Youth Pastors and Leaders! Don't live on an island, but find encouragement and help for those difficult teens and confusing issues that WILL arise as you passionately serve the youth in your church.

Resources for Ministers 

Image by Ben White

Ministering the Gospel is a great responsibility. Here you will find teachings and resources that will help you to continue to grow in your calling and passion.

Resources for Children's Ministry

Kids in Church

Children are the future! 

The power in the IFCA comes from a strong focus on training our children in the Scripture and power of the Holy Spirit. Our movement is empowered and grows when we empower and grow our children in our churches. Here you will find resources that we believe will help you train and empower them to be leaders, pastors, missionaries, and church planters in the IFCA tomorrow.

Resources for Worship 

Image by Edward Cisneros

Worship leaders unite!

As one voice we will bring Heaven to Earth. Here you will find recourses and ideas for leading your church into the presents of God.

Resources for Online Ministry

Image by Sara Kurfeß

It can be a difficult task, but using social media to help reach people online with the Gospel and invite them to your church is a powerful way to connect with people today. Here you will find ideas and resources you can use for your church and ministry online.

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