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Be Seen Online

Here are some ideas to get your online community involved and engaged.

Here are some websites where you can find already done posts or where you can easily create posts to promote church events, share the Gospel, and build relationships with people online.

Some are free to use and some have a cost. 

Image by Rubaitul Azad

Adobe CC Express

Find already made and editable posts and printable images

CC Express is like Photoshop without the great difficulty. Your church is able to sign up and use much of it for free.  


Are you trying to record and edit sermons?

Audacity is the world's most popular audio editing and recording app.

Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 8.21.26 PM.png

Ministry Designs

Totally Free Media

1500+ Free Church Graphics and Media. 

Your church can get all the videos and graphics for free, but they are not editable. You are able to pay for each media item to be able to edit them.

Videopad Video Editor

Creating videos is a powerful way to reach people

Fastest and Easiest Video Editor for Stress-free Editing

VideoPad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional quality videos in minutes.

Video pad.png

OBS Studio

Free Streaming Platform

OBS is a very powerful application for video streaming. Allows you to set up multiple sources (cameras, images, videos, etc.) and switch between them during your service.

Social Fuel

Paid options

Pre-made images, Photoshop files and the ability to edit the images online. Your church is also able to schedule posts to Instagram and Facebook after choosing or editing the images.

Nucleus Media

Paid options

Unlimited social media posts. Worship backgrounds. 4K stock footage. Countdown timers. Motion titles. Photoshop & After Effects templates. And more.

Image by

Learn about Online for churches

Pro Church Tools is a great resource to learn about church interaction with people online.

Post Scheduling 

You can schedule posts so you can be consistent, but not need to remember to post every day or each week.

You can find an article about the different sites you could use here.

Social Media Strategy Guide

We are all so digital now. Does your church have a plan/Vision? 

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